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Managing an investment property takes a great deal of work -- from doing the necessary background checks to find quality tenants to collecting rent to performing maintenance and more. Greenlee Realty Group handles all aspects of property management for owners of Land O' Lakes, Florida properties, keeping your costs down and giving you better peace of mind.

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How is Greenlee Realty Group Different from Other Property Managers in Land O' Lakes?

Most property management companies will charge you a few hundred dollars just to enter your rental property into their database! Greenlee Realty Group does not charge for this. In fact, we don’t charge you while your property is vacant.

And if your property isn’t rented out after two weeks, we take proactive action to find out why -- even interviewing prospective renters about why they decided not to rent the property. It could be that the rent is unrealistically high, or perhaps the property wasn’t as clean as it should be. Often, an adjustment or two is all that’s needed to attract more prospective tenants and get the home rented.

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Keeping Property Management Costs Low in Land O' Lakes

Because we’re real estate investors ourselves with our own rental properties to manage -- and not a realtor looking to sell homes -- we’re the ideal property management company to help you with tenants, maintenance, repairs and all other aspects of property management in Land O' Lakes.

We have relationships with some of the most trustworthy vendors in the Land O' Lakes area -- including electricians, AC repair professionals, roofers, plumbers and handymen. We bring our vendors plenty of repeat business on a regular basis in the process of managing our own rental properties, and in return they keep their rates lower. And we buy many of the necessary parts for repairs and maintenance ourselves, on our own accounts, to keep costs down for our clients.

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24/7 Property Maintenance in Land O' Lakes

Your tenants count on you when repair or maintenance emergencies arise, and you can count on us for 24/7 property maintenance in Land O' Lakes. Besides the reliable vendors we work with most often, we also have at least two other backup vendors to call in case our first choice is on another call.

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