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Being a rental property owner requires you to wear a lot of hats -- from finding and dealing with tenants, to collecting rent, to making sure handymen, plumbers and other workers are doing their work well and charging fairly. Let Greenlee Realty Group take some of those hats (and worries) off your head with effective property management in East Lake, Florida that offers both value and peace of mind.

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How is Greenlee Realty Group Different from Other Property Managers in East Lake?

To begin with, we won’t charge you a fee just to set up your rental property in our system. We also don’t charge you when your property is vacant. And if a property doesn’t rent within two weeks, we take action to find out why: Is the rent too high compared to similar East Lake properties, or is the house not as clean as it should be? Once we make the right adjustment, the property usually rents quickly.

We understand your needs because we’re real estate investors ourselves, with our own rental properties to manage. We’re not realtors trying to sell homes. Because we know how to get more renters interested in your rental property, our techniques get results -- and increase how fast we’re able to find quality tenants for the properties we manage in East Lake and elsewhere in Pasco County.

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Keeping Property Management Costs Low

Since we manage our own properties, we have excellent relationships with vendors -- electricians, plumbers, AC repairmen, roofers and more -- who charge us low rates because we bring them consistent business. We pay close attention to costs because we use the same repairmen for our own properties. And we buy some parts on our own accounts to save more money.

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24/7 Property Maintenance in East Lake

Your tenants will appreciate how quickly we take care of maintenance requests, including emergencies. We use capable, reliable and reasonably priced vendors and always have at least two backup vendors on call in case our first choice is unavailable or booked solid.

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