Best Rental Homes for Rent in New Port Richey FL

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5734 Dalton Ct,   New Port Richey,   FL   34653
Beds 4 2 Story Home w/4 LARGE bedrooms & 3 LARGE bathrooms!!


Baths 3
Sqft 2600 Click Here For Details
11205 Snyder,   Port Richey,   FL   34668
Beds 3 Large 3/2/1 with a privacy fence and pool!!!


Baths 2
Sqft 1630 Click Here For Details
3109 Cable Dr.,   Holiday,   FL   34691
Beds 3 Gorgeous TRUE 3/2 with top of the line amenities!


Baths 2
Sqft 1500 Click Here For Details
8000 Lotus dr,   Port Richey,   FL   34668
Beds 3 Large 3/2/1 fenced-in with a dock out back!


Baths 2
Sqft 1200 Click Here For Details
7724 Tyson Dr.,   Port Richey,   FL   34668
Beds 2 Beautiful 2/2/1 totally renovated!


Baths 2
Sqft 1200 Click Here For Details
5808 Missouri ave # 6,   New Port Richey,   FL   34653
Beds 1 1/1 w/wood floors & spacious living room & a large room.


Baths 1
Sqft 650 Click Here For Details
Nikki ln,   Odessa,   FL   33556
Beds 5 NEW 5/3/3 in gated community on a lake with a pool!!!!


Baths 3
Sqft 3000 Click Here For Details
Ellington dr,   New Port richey,   FL   34655
Beds 3 Beautiful 3/2.5/3 with a screened in pool!


Baths 2.5
Sqft 1900 Click Here For Details
Parkway blvd,   Land o lakes,   FL   34639
Beds 3 Just Remodeled 3/2/2 with BRAND NEW everything!!! and a Two car garage!


Baths 2
Sqft 1500 Click Here For Details
Heron Cove Dr.,   Lutz,   FL   33549
Beds 3 Large condo off of a lake with access to a dock!!


Baths 2.5
Sqft 2048 Click Here For Details
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Credit Check
  • The credit check depends on the type of rental. We do look at your open counts, closed accounts as well as the negative records you have. If your credit report shows that you pay the accounts you have signed up and agreed to pay, we shouldn’t have any problems. Medical doesn’t effect this decision, and we also do not count foreclosures or Shortsales. If you lost your home buy still paid all of your other bills you will be fine. If you lost your home and quit paying your phone bill, cable bill, credit cards and other debts you will be declined. You may also be approved at a higher security deposit. This is up to the owner of the home.
Civil and Criminal Search
  • Have you ever been arrested?
  • Have you ever been in litigation with a Landlord?
  • Have you ever been evicted?
  • Sexual predator search.
  • National Terrorist Action List
  • Once again, some rentals require there be no criminal background. Other rentals will require no criminal record for the last 5 years. Typically DUI or misdemeanors will not be counted against you because everyone makes a mistake. However violent felonies and recent drug related arrests will mean automatic rejection of application.
Rental History
  • How often did you pay late?
  • Did you leave owing money?
  • How did you maintain the premises?
  • Did you fulfill the terms of your lease?
  • Were there any complaints against you or your guests?
  • An Eviction is okay if you paid the landlord in full afterwards. If you still owe a landlord money for any reason, your application will be automatically rejected.
  • Please note: Family, friends and/or roommates are not acceptable rental references.
  • Some of our owners are more flexible than others. For example, you might have paid a few times late but your previous landlord thought you were a good tenant. This should be fine.